Floating Notification

The Textra Floating notification shows the LAST message text received, the Android notification shows a summary (as in say 3 unread messages).

The Floating Notification is pretty nice and has the following extra features:

* It's styled based on your dark / light mode theme.
* It can be swiped up to leave till later.
* It can be swiped right to mark the message as read.
* It can be configured to stay on the screen for a specific period of time.
* On the lock screen, it can be single tapped to quickly reply and then auto-lock again.
* On the lock screen, it shows the full text of the latest message (as opposed to the Android notification which just shows a summary, e.g. 3 unread messages).

So on the lock screen the Android notification and the Textra floating notification serve two purposes (the Android one is a summary, and you can't remove it, otherwise you won't get notifications).

+ more features coming for the floating notification soon!

Note: If it's a privacy concern on your lock screen, configure in Textra Settings > Customize Notifications > Floating Notification (Locked) = Off

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