MMS sending / receiving issue - AT&T specific

This article is specific to AT&T users in the USA experiencing sending or receiving issues while WiFi is on (caused by the November Security update from AT&T).

Firstly ascertain if the issue only occurs when on WiFi. You can do this by sending yourself a picture (firstly with WiFi on, then again with WiFi off).

If the issue ONLY occurs with WiFi on, the solution is as follows.

Android Settings > System (Advanced) > Developer options (turn ON) > (NETWORKING) Mobile data always active = ON

Note: If those settings are not initially there, you need to "unhide them" as follows, then go back and set them as mentioned above.

Android Settings > About phone > Software Information > keep tapping "Build number" till it says developer mode on. Then locate (search) for Developer options in the settings.

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