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  1. ! when sharing or picking photos

  2. 3 Notification Buttons don't fit...

  3. Activate Mobile Data Missing for Android Lollipop

  4. Adding new contacts

  5. Android Auto not working, says need to install app / non supported app

  6. AOD (always on display) now shows white Textra icons, not colored ones.

  7. App Icon goes missing

  8. Back Arrow Button needs to be pressed lots of times!

  9. Badge App Icon

  10. Bitmoji Support

  11. Blacklist.

  12. Can I configure specific notifications bubble colors etc per contact / convo?

  13. Can I help translate Textra?

  14. Can I send / receive MMS messages over WiFi?

  15. Custom notification ringtones

  16. Developers API - Getting an unread count from Textra

  17. Direct share

  18. Do you support DUAL SIM phones?

  19. Emoji style

  20. Emoji Support

  21. Emoji's, pics and more, how to insert

  22. Emojis Show Corrupted / Blank when I press + icon (left of message field)

  23. Floating Notification

  24. Getting 'Error Retrieving Information from Server [RPC S-7 AEC-0]; Upgrade to Pro

  25. Ghost Notification

  26. Group messaging contacts

  27. Having issues with Group Messaging?

  28. How do I preview pics received?

  29. How to backup my messages

  30. How to view detailed timestamps

  31. HTC 4.0.3 UI has stopped

  32. Huawei phones running EMUI 4.0 - cannot change notification icon color

  33. Language support

  34. LED blink issues

  35. LED issues on LG G series

  36. LG V30 Android 8 cannot see toolbar for camera, emoji etc in plus panel

  37. Light & Night Mode - How does it work? Issue with 10pm to 6am

  38. Lost my 'Upgrade to Pro'

  39. Mark All as Read

  40. Microphone in Textra

  41. MMS 'Cannot get MMS' Notification

  42. MMS is not working - Post KitKat

  43. MMS is not working - Pre KitKat

  44. MMS not working on T-Mobile WiFi

  45. MMS picture resizing works (says image too large)

  46. MMS Timeouts / No Mobile Data / MMS Send Failing - On Android 7.0?

  47. Moto G5 Plus - not showing footer toolbar in + panel

  48. No Notifications / Notifications stopped working / Notifications disappear

  49. Not all contacts showing in Textra since updating firmware.

  50. Notifications from stock app / double notifications

  51. Notifications repeating even if off

  52. OnePlus running Android 7 - Notification disappears / goes away

  53. Pebble Watch

  54. Pixel XL (Oreo) + plus panel not showing (no emoji / camera tab / toolbar etc)

  55. Plus (+) Panel only shows X (nothing appears).

  56. Premium SMS issues

  57. Privacy concern with web link previews?

  58. Quick Compose appears in Lock Screen

  59. Read receipt

  60. Receive delays / sending delays / not receiving messages / messages late / scheduled messages not sending (Xiaomi HTC Samsung Asus Elephone Blackview) / delayed

  61. S8 EDGE Notifications

  62. Samsung and LG running Android 8, the app icon shows incorrect badge count

  63. Samsung S7 Always on Display - not working

  64. Scheduled Sending

  65. Sending lots of SMS messages

  66. Since updating firmware (not receiving messages in Textra).

  67. Speech to Text window won't go away!

  68. Stagefright (More Technical Details)

  69. Stagefright (Overview)

  70. Swiftkey / Swype no swipe on Lockscreen

  71. T-Mobile / AT&T / Verizon missing messages (RCS) - I am seeing message in stock app but not in Textra

  72. T-Mobile Galaxy S6 - No Notification Vibrations

  73. Trash Can (deleting messages).

  74. Updating to Textra Pro.

  75. Vibrate / Vibration not working (Verizon or AT&T 5.1.1 update)

  76. wake up screen issue 4.2.2

  77. What are those contact pics (favs) I see when doing a new message?

  78. What does 'Compact SMS Messages' do?

  79. White Menu issue

  80. Zedge (per contact notifications revert to default setting).

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