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Mark as Unread

It would be awesome if when you long-press on a message, you can mark it as unread.

In my case this is useful because that way It reminds me that this specific message is important.

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    Amado shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Ron commented  · 

        Just can't wait until this is an option!

      • Mister some commented  · 

        Yes, this is what I still waiting for! Either mark as "Unread" or "pin it" and or place it into the category of text messages, like Buisness/Family/Personal/School/reply later reminder for the message. Or even something like inbox for Gmail uses! Like ZNOOZE the email til certain time date or location!!! That will be one of the greatest Breakthrought features in texting app, and definitely the best texting app out there!

      • Carlos Resurreccion commented  · 

        YES PLEASE WE NEED THAT FEATURE. You don't always have the opportunity to read a text and act on it instantly (especially if it's an errand you need to do.)

      • YoMan commented  · 

        YES! Like have an option to keep badge notifications if you swipe from the notification panel.

      • Ley commented  · 

        Yeah, why not.

      • Caliw commented  · 

        Uninstalling... No unread sms indicator

      • Aiyana commented  · 

        I feel like this was an actual option at one point and the an update happened and it disappeared...

      • commented  · 

        Add us to this list. I would like "unread" too, or some type of flagging. or both. Each has different uses for us.

      • JMG commented  · 

        @ NL | I agree! I rely on the notification to alert me and then being able to see the unread message later in the full Textra app.

      • NL commented  · 

        Similarly, when I swipe away a notification from the bar-just the contact name, not the entire message-it marks the message as read in the app. Very annoying to open the app and have to remember what is unread. Be great to keep the unread dot on any messages that are indeed unread.

      • Colton Spencer commented  · 

        I would like to be able to mark it as read from the notification panel. Makes no sense that it will give me the entire message in the notification but even when I swipe away, I have to open the app to mark it as read

      • RW commented  · 

        Why not instead of "unread" allow users to "tag" (ie. label) messages ( important, later, work, school, etc)

      • Corey commented  · 

        If it works similar to how Inbox by Gmail does it, that'd be ridiculously great. You could even set it to go off at specific location/time combinations. That would rocket this apps usefulness through the roof.

      • Bonnie commented  · 

        Any idea when this us coming?

      • Bonnie commented  · 

        I would also like this. Great for reminders.

      • Dylan commented  · 

        Agreed that an unread or remind me later feature would be so useful! +++

      • Francesco commented  · 

        Rather than unread what about a remind me later option. Type mail does this beautifully and it is a major power feature.

      • Eric commented  · 

        Any update on this possibly being implemented?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This would be incredibly helpful because I often am unable to respond to texts because I'm at work and then forget to respond until days later when I remember!! Please make this happen!!

      • Jason commented  · 

        It still baffles me this isn't a basic feature!? Just like in virtually every other SMS app, email, voicemail, etc. a person can mark a message (of any kind /type) as Unread or New. It's really not a strange request at all to add this simple feature.

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