Why does Textra connect to Facebook servers?

We like most developers use 'industry standard developer' anonymous analytics, the best analytic solutions are provided by Google, Yahoo (Flurry) and Facebook. We use Facebook. 

The analytics we collect allow us to improve and target Textra specifically to our user demographics.

The analytics data is not personal in any way shape or form, for example:

* Type of phone: Samsung
* Model: S8
* Screen size: 1024 x 768
* Country: USA
* Android Version: 6.1
* Textra version: 3.34

This information is grouped together, so we can analyze questions we might have, like 'how many users have upgraded to Textra 3.34 in the last week?' It's not linked back to any specific person and contains NO personal information at all.

Want to know more, or have a specific question? Please email developer@textra.me and we are happy to help you understand your privacy rights.

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