Notification Icon Colors Gone / MMS over WiFi / MMS WiFi fix gone / LED issue

As part of a greater Google initiative to ensure all apps are compiled against a later version of Android (API 26) from 1 Nov 2018, all apps must comply.

For Textra users, this means the following features had to be removed in order to comply:

1) Notification Icons can only be white (unless you are running Android KitKat or below)

2) The Legacy MMS option in Textra is no longer possible (due to underlying Android APIs no longer being available). This means that using WiFi for MMS typically no longer works (e.g. Sprint, Verizon) and the T-Mobile WiFi fix feature is also no longer possible. You are welcome to try other Google Play SMS/MMS apps, like QKSMS and Pulse SMS and you'll get the same issue as you do in Textra if trying to use MMS over WiFi.

3) Android now raises the LED blink (as opposed to Textra directly), this means you need to ensure your Textra Settings > Customize Notifications > Wake up Screen = No (as some phones won't show the LED if the screen is lit).

Please understand these are not features we wanted to remove (why would we?), but we had no choice.

For more details see

Still not happy? Please don't give a poor review, as we have no control over this, and leaving a poor review only hurts us. Even if you are angry at Google, don't shoot the messenger!

You can always downgrade to v3.50 (the last version of Textra without these Google changes) but remember you'll never get another update again or any bug fixes. Understood? 

1) Uninstall Textra
3) Turn off auto-updates for Textra in Google Play

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